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          UC Ready, a Mission Continuity Planning Tool


What is mission continuity planning?

Mission Continuity Planning helps an organization respon​d to the impact of an emergency or interruption to normal operations, and be ab​le​ to continue to provide a minimum acceptable level of service during and in the immediate aftermath of such an event.

What is UC Ready?

UC Ready is a continuity planning program implemented throughout the University of California system.  The web-based program was designed to prepare for rapid resumption of the University's mission following any unexpected disruption. UC Ready can help you prepare for continuity issues of excessive absenteeism, limited resources, backup restoration, alternate facilities, power failure and a myriad of others under all-hazards planning.


UC Ready has a clear goal?

UC Ready prepares UCM to continue its missions of teaching, research, and public service through any disruptive event. If forced to pause, we must be able to rapidly restart, even if in reduced mode. 

Your plan will cover all disruptive events: All-encompassing (earthquake, pandemic illness); localized (fire in a building, basement flood); or personal (failure of a hard drive). We achieve all-hazard-readiness by engaging all department-level units in mission continuity planning.


UC Ready plans identify

  • Critical functions performed by your department, and the factors needed for their continuance​​
  • Information and strategies that will help during and after the disaster-event
  • Planning​​ strategies to ensure that we are better prepared
  • Action items that can be done now to lessen the impact of these event 

The UC Ready Enhancement Project – April 2015

In early 2014, the UC Ready Enhancement Project was established, with two goals:
  • Improve Strategic Focus:  To shift the strategic focus of the Continuity Planning Program from independent departmental planning to coordinated campus-wide planning, in which departmental plans are better coordinated with each other and with an overall campus-level (medical center-level) plan.
  • Improve the Tool:  To identify the key enhancements in our software tool necessary to facilitate this new strategic focus. The enhanced UC Ready tool would incorporate all of the previous tool's functionality, plus enhancements to expand its reach and effectiveness.
Ultimately, it was decided to purchase a new software tool.  The new tool will still be named “UC Ready” to signify that the overall goal of
our program remains the same: effectively managing the risk of disruptive events, and enabling efficient recovery.


The enhancements to UC Ready are currently underway with campus rollout scheduled to start in May. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Questions? Contact Risk Services


 Go directly into the UC Ready tool, select UC Merced, and start your plan using the guidance supplied within the program.