BSAS Funds Eligibility


BSAS funds must be used in accordance with the purposes listed below.

  • Correct safety deficiencies, reduce risks
  • Provide employee safety training and development
  • Purchase safety equipment and supplies
  • Fund consultants for safety and injury prevention needs
  • Initiate new safety or wellness programs
  • Address human and property security concerns
  • Correct deferred maintenance issues that directly impact life safety
  • Fund capital improvements directly related to life safety

BSAS funds are not available or approved for:

  • Enhancements to academic or vocational instruction
  • Supplement program budgets
  • General operating supplies expenses
  • Personal protective and safety equipment required by law or regulation
  • Travel expenses (with limited exception for train-the-trainer safety education)
  • Replacement of stock items for ongoing programs
  • Pay salaries/wages for existing positions (per BSAS Guidelines, 4-1-09 and G. Crickette memo, 8-9-09)