Steps To Applying For Funding:

  1. Complete the Be Smart About Safety fund request form in its entirety. Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned to the department.
  2. Define the problem and present a plan to mitigate the risks. The request must include clear goals of how the loss reduction will be measured.
  3. The request amount should be in increments of $100.
  4. Departments are encouraged to identify an account number. The committee reserves the option to fund the request from the account number it deems most appropriate to the expenditure.
  5. Attach any supporting documentation; i.e. further details supporting the injury/illness prevention impact, pictures of equipment being requested, web links, purchase quote, catalog page, etc.
  6. Provide all required signatures before submission. The department head’s signature is an agreement to meet all BSAS funding terms.
  7. Submit completed request form and any supporting documentation to Risk Services. Risk Services will compile all requests and turn them over to the BSAS Committee Chair for consideration at the next quarterly meeting.
  8. Contact for assistance in completing the form, to receive a copy of your loss history, to schedule a risk assessment or for someone to assist you in determining if your plan is appropriate for Be Smart funding.

Find an example of an approved funding request here.