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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Business Continuity, also known as Mission Continuity, is the University’s ability to develop strategies, plans, and actions to ensure the University’s resilience if faced with any disturbance or disaster to limit the impact of disruption to campus.

The Business/Mission Continuity plans help provide key information and strategies that will be needed during the recovery process. A few key essential functions that continuity planning prepares a University for in the event of an incident are communication, relocation, system outages, and change in operational status. While keeping all these things in mind, continuity plans will help us keep up the university’s mission, even when disaster strikes.  

UC Ready

The Continuity Planning program utilizes a web-based software tool named, UC Ready. UC Ready logoThis industry-leading application is built on the Salesforce platform and supports continuity planning efforts at both the enterprise and department level. UC Ready also supports building emergency planning and application-level and enterprise-level ITDR plans.

By identifying priorities, we can ensure that the University will return to normal business as quickly and efficiently as possible. The UC Ready tool enables us to create continuity plans by providing templates that help determine the most important “need to know” information in the event of an emergency.

IT Disaster Recovery

Recognizing our universal dependence on IT, the UC Ready IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) Program prepares the University to recover from IT disruptions. IT Disaster Recovery Plans describe strategies and procedures for recovering vital information systems, records, and other data following any IT disruption.