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Uninsured or Underinsured UC Vendors and Service Providers

Vendors performing work or services for the University are required to carry insurance.

For those vendors who have the expertise to do the job but do not have insurance, the UCOP Office of Risk Services has developed a solution: the “Vendor/Contractor Insurance Program,” to assist vendors who do not have insurance or would like an alternative option to what they may have. This provides a means for vendors to purchase a bundled General Liability and Professional Liability policy for a flat fee of $500. These two coverages cannot be unbundled. A policy is purchased specific to a vendor and will cover all work that vendor performs for the University (at any UC location) during the one year policy period. If the work extends beyond one year, the flat fee must be paid annually. The policy will not cover any work or services the vendor performs for other entities.

Vendors can purchase this insurance here.

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