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Events on Campus and Off Campus FAQs

What if I want to hold a campus function at an off-campus facility?

If your department sponsors an event off-campus, contact the Contracts and Real Estate office before the event and ask them to prepare a contract with the host facility. If the host facility asks you to provide proof of UC Merced’s insurance, the University provides online access to its certificate of insurance.

What if an off-campus group wants to use a campus facility?

If an off-campus group asks to use a campus facility that you control, the off-campus group must sign a Facilities Use Agreement prepared by the Contracts and Real Estate office. The instructions ar​e available from the Contracts and Real Estate office website.

Before an off-campus group can hold its event, it also must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming The Regents of the University of California as an additional insured. The University's self-insurance programs do not cover on-campus events held by off-campus groups.

If the off-campus group does not have insurance, it may be able to purchase Tenant User Event Liability insurance.