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Artwork and Exhibits


The Fine Arts Insurance program was designed to provide coverage for risks of physical loss or damage, including earthquake and flood, to artwork owned by the University; in which the University has an insurable interest; in the care, custody or control of the University; for which the University has received instructions or agreed to insure under written contract prior to a loss; or for which the University is legally liable. Coverage extends to artwork in transit and at any location in the United States and Canada.

SECURING COVERAGE – Temporary Exhibits/Fine Art Not Owned by UC Merced:

Any department receiving fine art on loan should complete an Art Exhibition & Loan Agreement for signature between the Lender and the Contracts & Real Estate Office. Submit a copy of the completed and signed form to Risk Services prior to receiving the fine art from the lender. If an exhibit extends beyond six months then the fine art will need to be scheduled per below as part of the permanent collection.

SECURING COVERAGE – Permanent Collection:

For department owned permanent collection artwork, Risk Services collects information quarterly from departments on updates and changes to report to the broker.


Fine Arts Insurance is included with UC’s property insurance premium. There is no additional charge to departments unless the collection or exhibit is located outside the United States and Canada. For display of University owned artwork beyond the United States and Canada, please contact Risk Services at least 30 days before the exhibit for a quote.


$1,000.00 per occurrence
$10,000.00 earthquake deductible


In the event of a claim, please contact Risk Services as soon as possible with details as to the cause of the loss and a description of the damages and property involved. A complete and accurate description of what, when, where and how the loss occurred will assist in the investigation of the claim.

Notify campus police in the event of a loss caused by theft or vandalism, or if the loss has created a threat to public safety.