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Self Insurance FAQs

What kind of insurance coverage does UC Merced have?

The University is "self-insured" for many common risks associated with our facilities and work environment. This means that UC sets aside funds in an account to pay for losses. Each campus contributes to this self insurance fund so that funds are available if and when losses occur. The Risk Services Office oversees all claims made to the self-insurance programs and works with campus department managers to ensure that claims are filed accurately and payments due made quickly.

What is a Third Party Administrator and why do we have one?

The University's General Liability Program is self-insured and its claims are managed by a third-party administrator, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, which is responsible to:

  • Receive and review file materials to determine appropriateness of coverage under The Regents' self-insurance programs;
  • Plan and complete an independent preliminary case investigation and establish a strategic claim action plan, in accordance with program standards; and
  • In conjunction with the Office of the President, Office of Risk Management and the Office of General Counsel, identify, select and approve UC defense panel.

An outside agency has asked me for proof of the University’s insurance. How do I obtain this?

The University provides online access to it's certificate of insurance.