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Driving a UC Vehicle

The University insures all the vehicles it owns or leases. When employees in the course and scope of their employment or other authorized personnel use University vehicles on official University business, they are covered by the University's insurance programs, subject to the restrictions listed below.

  • Damage to the UC vehicle: Covered by Vehicle Physical Damage Self-Insurance Program (BUS 81).
  • Injuries to the UC employee: Covered by Workers' Compensation Program if injured in the course & scope of employment.
  • Damage to someone else’s vehicle or property: Covered by General & Automobile Liability Self-Insurance Program (BUS- 81).
  • Injuries to a third party: Coverage is by General & Auto Liability Self-Insurance Program (BUS-81).
In Case of UC Vehicle Damage and/or Accident

See Reporting Vehicle Accidents or Loss for more information.


(1) Coverage is limited to department owned and/or leased vehicles.

(2) Authorized drivers are limited to faculty, staff, and student employees. An appropriate campus official must approve use of the vehicle for non-employee student drivers must use this form.

(3) The driver must be on UC business when the accident occurs. Private use of the UC vehicle invalidates insurance.

(4) University insurance will not pay for any damage caused by improper use of a UC vehicle. Improper use includes:

  • Use by a driver for private purposes
  • Use by a driver with a suspended license or no license at all
  • Use by a driver under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Reckless driving

Improper use could make the department and/or employee responsible for damages to the vehicle and/or any third party.

(5) Damage incurred while selling, repairing, servicing, road testing, or storing vehicles is not covered.


Tickets received while operating a UC vehicle are the responsibility of the driver, not the University.​