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University Owned Vehicle Accidents

Report the accident or damage as soon as possible.

Immediately notify:

  • the police (University police if on UC property) AND
  • the driver's supervisor and/or department manager

Within 24 hours:

  • contact Risk Services by calling 386-3079 OR
  • call Sedgwick 24 hour claims hotline (800) 416-4029

As soon as it is safe to do so:

  • Take photos of all involved vehicles’ damage and any injuries with camera in glove compartment.
  • Take vehicle to Fleet Services if drivable.
  • Fill out the Vehicle Accident Report (in glove compartment)and send to Risk Services within five working days following the incident. Report must be checked for clarity and completeness by the driver’s supervisor and signed by both driver and supervisor.

Fleet Services obtains a written estimate or assessment of the condition and/or value of the vehicle. Fleet Services proceeds with repairs after consulting Risk Services. If the vehicle is beyond repair, Fleet Services completes an Equipment Inventory Modification Form (EIMF).

The driver's department is financially responsible for all university-owned vehicle repair costs but may be reimbursed through the University’s self-insurance program less a $500 deductible for each vehicle incident.