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Reporting Property Damage or Loss

Follow these steps to obtain insurance reimbursement if property owned by your department is damaged or destroyed.

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​Report the damage

  • Inform your supervisor and/or department manager
  • Call the UC Merced Police Department 228-2677 (CAT COPS) if the damage/loss is the result of theft or vandalism
  • ​Call Risk Services at 386-3079 to report a claim. Or call the University’s 24 hour claims ​hotline at 1-800-416-4029, press 1


Record building and property damage

  • Make a list of damaged or destroyed items.
  • Take pictures of all damage to the building and property.


​Track costs

  • Keep track of related costs that are incurred after the incident, including (but not limited to):
    • Overtime pay (regular time is not covered)
    • Relocation costs
    • Facilities Work Request


​Ensure damaged items are University property

  • Collect the following paperwork:
    • Ledger Copy with Expense for Purchase OR
    • Department Inventory listings OR
    • Invoices or University procurement card receipts


Obtain repair or replacement price quotes

  • Repair or Replacement:
    • Obtain a repair quote from a vendor. If the item is irreparable, obtain a written statement of such from the vendor.​
    • Replace the item with equivalent property. If the replacement is of better quality, the department may have to pay the difference.
  • If property is not replaced or repaired , the department will receive the item's actual cash value.
  • Note: Campus policy and procedure for procurement of products or services should be followed.


​Submit backup documentation to Risk Services

  • Submit the list of items with supporting documentation (proof of ownership, repair or replacement costs) and documentation of any related costs to Risk Services.
  • Expect claim processing to take a few months or longer because of investigation and coordination between the university and the third-party claims adjustor.


​Wait for approval before disposing of damaged property


For assistance and information contact

See also: Automobile Self-Insurance Program