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General Liability Insurance Program

This self-insurance program automatically covers the University's liability for personal and bodily injury to non-employees, damage to the property of others, advertising injury, and professional (non-medical) liability.

What is Covered

The University's general liability insurance program covers damage, loss, or injury that results from the routine operations of the University and isn't covered by other, more specific insurance programs. It extends to every campus department and to every employee doing University business. Among the more common claims under general liability are:

  • Injuries to campus visitors as a result of the University’s negligence
  • Damage to property not owned by the University as a result of the University’s negligence
  • Claims against a faculty member who allegedly made slanderous remarks about a student in class

What is NOT Covered

  • Damage, loss, or injury not caused by the University’s negligence
  • Injuries to employees working in the course and scope of employment (covered under Workers' Compensation
  • Breach of contract allegations
  • Hazardous waste or pollution spills
  • Land use disputes

Reporting Claims

Claimants who believe that the university is responsible for their property damage or injury and want to present a claim should contact Risk Services 209-386-3079 or​. Claims are evaluated on their merits. Filing a claim does not mean it will be paid.