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Vendor Insurance for Departmental Events

Vendors coming to campus to participate in a departmental or Registered Student Organization (RSO) event may need to provide insurance.

Note:This process is for events only. It is not for independent contractor-type vendors providing service on a continuing basis. Nor is it for vendor services that are not part of an event.

This is the insurance process:

  1. Well in advance of the event, the department/RSO asks the vendor for a Certificate of Insurance naming The Regents of the University of California as an additional insured. The Certificate should include the following coverage:
    1. $1 million for general liability
    2. $1 million for auto liability if bringing a vehicle onto campus
    3. Proof of Workers' Compensation coverage if vendor is bringing employees onto campus
  2. If the vendor does not already have insurance, the vendor may obtain coverage through Marsh, the University's insurance broker. The vendor may apply for either a full-year policy covering all the vendor's activities or an event policy covering only the departmental event. The vendor applies for coverage through the following steps:
    1. Go to the Marsh Campus Connexions web site (Marsh is the University's insurance broker)
    2. Choose Vendors and Contractors
    3. Choose Learn More
    4. Choose Liability Insurance (left side of screen)
    5. Select the Quote tab and either fill out the form or call the Marsh Customer Service Representative
  3. Marsh responds to the vendor within 24-48 hours with a quote for the insurance.
  4. Assuming the quote is acceptable, the vendor pays for coverage with either a Visa-affiliated debit card or a credit card. The cost of full-year coverage will vary depending on the nature of the vendor's business.
  5. If the quote is not acceptable, the vendor must still provide insurance which may be obtained from any insurance company as long as the provisions listed in paragraph one above are met.
  6. As a business decision, the department/RSO may choose to pay the cost of insurance for the vendor's participation in the event. The department or RSO (rather than the vendor) takes the steps outlined in paragraphs 2-4 above.
  7. Once coverage is paid, Marsh issues a Certificate of Insurance and sends it electronically to the vendor.

To complete the process, the vendor delivers a copy of the Certificate of Insurance to the department/RSO in advance of the event.

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