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Auto Insurance FAQs

How are vehicles owned by UC Merced insured?

There are two elements to insurance coverage for a licensed vehicle owned by UC Merced. The first is Auto Liability, which is designed to provide coverage to the Regents (and employees) when a third party files a claim and alleges negligence. The second is Auto Physical Damage, which is designed to provide coverage in the event the vehicle itself is damaged, both coverages are automatic. Departments which own vehicles are assessed an annual premium for both coverages.​

Does the University insure rented vehicles used for business?

The University maintains automobile rental agreements with various automobile rental companies for use by University faculty and staff on business-related travel in the continental United States. When using University agreements, liability and physical damage insurance on the rental automobiles is provided by the rental companies if:

  1. A University rental agreement is used.
  2. The driver has the University agreement number (each company has its own number) listed on their rental agreement by the rental company and identifies herself/himself as a University employee
  3. The automobile is used on University business.

Should a department purchase the collision damage waiver (CDW) or other optional insurance from the rental company?

If the rented vehicle is not provided insurance coverage under the University agreement, then the CDW and/or other optional insurance should be purchased from the rental company. If insurance coverage is not acquired and an accident occurs, the department will be responsible for any damages

Does the University provide insurance for my vehicle when I am on my way to and from work?

No, any damage incurred to your vehicle while travelling to and from work is your responsibility.

Your private insurance is the primary source of insurance coverage for your automobile, even when you are driving the vehicle on University business. If damages to 3rd party property exceed your limits, UC coverage is secondary to your own. If such accident occurs on University business you may be reimbursed up to $500 for your deductible or damages.

My vehicle was damaged while parked on the University’s premises. Does the University cover the damage?

Usually not, unless the University is negligent. For example, a tree limb falling onto a vehicle in a high wind is considered “an act of God” and the University will not be liable for such damage. But if an investigation shows that the tree limb fell as a result of unattended disease and poor maintenance, the University may be liable.